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Quick Search 'Image Categories'

The way we handle our video groupings is different from what you'll find almost anywhere else, and understanding how to use it effectively can be a real time-saver for you. You can do a Quick Search by clicking on any subject or category listed on the left hand side of every page on our website.

Search Using Keywords or Video ID's

  • Enter words in either singular or plural form; both forms will be searched.
  • Try typing the "-ing" form of actions (smiling, as opposed to smile).
  • When you simply enter multiple words, the system will look to match all words.
  • Further refine your search by applying Advanced Search Filters(orientation, people in videos, location).
  • Do not include the number sign (#) with video numbers.
  • Check your misspellings or typos among your keywords
  • Do not use punctuation marks (eg: commas, hyphens, inverted commas, etc.)

Narrow your search results by using Search within results'

Once you find your initial videos, you can refine your keyword search by using the 'Search within results' feature you will see at the top of any video results page.

For instance, if you want a picture of a woman using a laptop, you would start by typing 'Woman and laptop' into the search box. If, in your set of results, you find there are too many shots of man and women in groups working at a laptop, select 'Search within results' option and type '1 person only' and the refined set of results will show videos of only one woman using a laptop.

Searching Similar videos by Selecting Multiple Keywords

No matter how you've arrived at a page of thumbnail videos, you can always click on any thumbnail to bring up the larger version of that video. This is named as 'video Details' page. This version contains all the keywords and categories associated with that video. Select checkboxes for the desired keywords and search afresh to see the other similar videos in that category.

Searching by Advanced Search Options

In the Advanced search options you have extended options to narrow down your search in terms of variable like - Orientation, video Attributes, and People in an video.

Free Research

If you are unable to find the EXACT video you are looking for then just fill up the Free Research form and our skilled researchers will search our collection of videos and quickly create a selection just for you.

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